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Animatronics and Props

To assist in the capture of the impossible shots we keep an extensive range of props.

These include false paws, model animals that move, horns, antlers, fangs and lots of other animal props.

If we don't have what you are after, then we can make to order. Please contact us for further details if you want to obtain impossible shots at realistic prices.

Blue Animals Ltd

If your shot requires a tiger running in a London street or a pig flying, then maybe a chromakey shot is required, and the chances are we already have film in our library that could save you time and effort, and if its not in the library we can film it for you.

Many animals have already been filmed on a blue screen format. These include a vast variety of species performing many different actions.

For further details contact

John Gubba on 01628 477006

  Or voice mail  01628 477007